Zumba: when dance and fitness become a huge success

The Industrial Revolution brought with it a different way of going through life. Instead of being out in the field working, many would be working in industries. As the years progressed, the concept of working in the office became a central way of life for many. What this meant is that people began to lead sedentary lifestyles.
Of course, this change brought with it other issues; people spending all their time in offices and eating particularly well, meaning that a lot of weight was gained, and people weren’t losing it.
Enter the concept of the gym and jogging. While these absolutely work, they aren’t fun.
For years, dancing had been known to be a very strenuous activity, but one wouldn’t notice because of all the fun they were having. And that’s how aerobics came to be. A way to lose weight, while having the fun of dancing.

Where does Zumba come in?

The 90’s weren’t a particularly good decade to be a Colombian. The serious difficulties that the country was facing meant that people had to go elsewhere just to make a living. And that is exactly what Beto Perez did. He packed up his stuff and headed for the United States.
While there, he didn’t have any money to his name. What’s worse is he didn’t even speak the language of his new country. He had to succeed somehow and the determination to do it was strong. The thing that he had to his advantage was the fact that he was a dance teacher.
As it turns out, that’s all he needed to get him going in his new country. Whether it was something that he meticulously planned or just a miracle, what happened as the years went by sounds like something from the wildest fantasy novel.
He got down to business getting Zumba off the ground when he arrived. And it did, but slowly.
That was until he met his future partners at a Starbucks. As cautious as any business owner is on meeting people interested in a joint venture, he tried to figure out what it is they wanted.
On enquiring, if they have money and replied to the negative, he knew he has found the kind of people to help him scale up his business.
From there, it was height upon a height that Zumba kept on climbing. Using an infomercial company as their springboard, they saw deals with Kellogg help spread the popularity of Zumba through cereal boxes. New trainers had to be trained to help meet the demand that Zumba was now commanding.

And the successes continued piling. A Zumba DVD sold millions of copies, leading to rapid expansion to all corners of the globe. The popularity of Zumba continues growing in leaps and bounds to the point clubs and dance studios register record-breaking attendances. Others had to put people on waiting lists to prevent overcrowding.
Perhaps the highlight of Zumba has to be getting added onto the program of Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama’s fitness program.

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