Want to Learn How to Dance Samba?

Whatever the Africans were on when it came to making music, they should surely pass it to the rest of the world. Here are a people, who despite unfortunate circumstances, still carried their musical prowess with them everywhere they were taken to. And it was no different when they went to Brazil.

Here, the inventiveness that came out of the music grew into various forms of music and dance. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Samba. From all the carnivals that have been held all over the years, you have always been mesmerized by how they’re able to twist and contort into the beautiful dance that is samba.

You don’t have to go all the way to Copa Cabana to satisfy your curiosity. Barcelona has excellent schools where you can learn to do the samba.  

Samba Barcelona

Located on Carrer De Mendez Nunez, number 4, is the premiere samba school in Barcelona. This is a dance school that specializes in various forms of Afro-Brazilian dances. In fact, it is the only school that offers authentic samba dance lessons in Barcelona.

Apart from Samba, if you’re also interested in the dances of Axe Bahia among other Afro Brazilian dances, you are welcome to try out whatever type of dance you fancy. The good thing is you will have the backing of a professional dancer, who has both performed those dances, as well as taught them, gaining experience in various countries.

The school offers weekly classes for those who would be able to make time. If not, then you can arrange to attend the various workshops that they hold throughout the year.


Here is a school that chose to not only focus on what Brazil has to give to the world, but to also give students the opportunity to combine as many dance styles from various parts of the world. From classical ballet, to the best that Bollywood has to give, you will not run short of ideas of what to learn and perform when you’re ready.

From Axe Bahia, Caribbean dancing, creative dancing, modern jazz, swing, rock and roll, Samba, oriental fusion and kizomba, if Samba is not your only interest, then you will have plenty of options to choose fromand combine with the best of what Brazil has to give.

This dance school is situated at Passtage De Utset.

Isadora Bruc

Dance can be used to communicate a lot of things. From the South African Pantsula of the working man, to Ballet that beautifully and gracefully accompanies operas, then way in which you move your body will send a message. This is the reason why Isadora Bruc chose to concentrate on the dances that communicate intimacy.

From the best that the Arab world has to give comes the ubiquitous dance that is belly dancing. From here you can combine with what Brazil has to offer in terms of Samba and other Afro-Brazilian dances. If that’s not enough for you, you can check into Polynesia and learn some Hula dancing.

This school is situated at Carrer De Mendez Nunez, number 4.